SvenPad® Game Night
SvenPad® Game Night
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SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night SvenPad® Game Night

SvenPad® Game Night

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"This isn't an effect: it's a MIND READING tool kit that fits in your pocket!" 

Welcome to the world’s first BOOK TEST using ultra precision SvenPad® technology!

Mentalist John Morton & Brett Barry have teamed up with this fiendishly clever "Charades" book filled with mind reading secrets! This is the collaborative result of over a years’ worth of cross-continent creative back and forth.

SvenPad® Game Night is a unique pocket-sized book test unlike any other. You can play it as a game AND you can play it as mind reading – or play it as BOTH. Some of the methods within this book are brand new, while others are a twist on the classics. This book was created FROM SCRATCH, and looks exactly like a book bought at the store. 

The secrets within are well hidden and waiting for you to demonstrate your mind reading powers!  One can never have too many book tests. But some book tests are better than others.

We believe SvenPad® Game Night will become one of your go-to favourites to help you slay audiences, and make you feel like a super mind reading hero. Make it fun, and make it feel real. SvenPad® Game Night is a powerhouse. 

  • FAMOUS SvenPads® quality!
  • MULTIPLE methods! MULTIPLE phases!
  • FAR more than just Svengali
  • READY to perform!
  • 4x6' pocket sized Charades book!
  • PDF instructions link (18 pages)!
  • VIDEO teaching link!
  • BUILT-IN secret CRIBS!
  • FLASH training cards!
  • Custom ROUTINES!


    “Game night is stunning. It’s a Swiss army SvenPad®  The depth of thought, breadth of utility, and quality of execution make it the best thing I’ve picked up in about a year. I can’t think of a single thing that would improve this.”  DAVID MEADE


    “I had a chance to test this out and its fantastic. The methods involved are very fooling, even if someone is aware of them. I've gotten nothing but great reactions thus far”  JOSH JANOUSKY


    "This isn't an effect, it's a tool kit that fits in your pocket! I knew it would be great just based on Brett's other items I have but I had no idea just how much that could be done with it. He has well documented so many wonderful effects but that's just the tip of the iceberg with this worker. I can't think of a reason not to have it with me always.  RAY PIERCE 


    “A giant shout out and thank you for the ingenious “ SvenPad® Game night.” It’s fun and mind blowing - a great addition to my lineup. Every working mentalist must have one. Thank you Brett!  JAMES MAPES


    “I mean WOW! Absolutely amazing the amount of work that had to have gone into this lil' book that does so much. And ... to top it off you made the 'methods' EASY w/ NO MEMORY work and multiple ways for us to look BRILLIANT! I love the fact that it is MODERN and will relate to the younger crowd more than a simple book! This is one that will end up in the EVERYDAY WORKER PILE for sure! Thanks for creating yet another AWESOME HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT that makes us look great with little work! I am so glad I bought TWO... one to use everyday and on (just in case) in the Magic Vault as a LEGENDARY product.  MARK CALL


    “SVENPAD® GAME NIGHT is simply brilliant on so many levels! It allows for routines that are both playful and hard hitting! Perfectly sized for easy carry. It will play equally well for every situation from one-on-one to theater. This gamification of the classic book test is going to be a regular piece in my work. Thanks Brett and John for adding another important tool to my bag!”  CHRIS RAYMAN


    “You have created a most unique product for the mentalism community. It is not only a series of routines/effects, but you have also created a utility device that can be used in a number of ways. If there was any "issue" I have with the book is's too !@#$%^& easy to use. It is such a incredible device, capable of doing a sh*t ton of stuff.  If I were to provide any guidance for users of the book, it would be this: Don't waste this book/device/routine for anything other than a feature part of your show. Though I am hesitant to use the mentalism troupe of "packs small, plays big" it certainly applies here. I am currently knee deep in scripting this for corporate work in which the CEO or other big whig is involved. If you do corporate work, you know the value of what I am suggesting.” TERRY TYSON


    “I think that I have almost every product that Brett has to offer. The Game Night book test is a whole new world: I got the book test in Blackpool and loved immediately. I will add it to another book test routine I do. The quality is very high as always and there are many ways to use it.”  LIOR MANOR


    “Only had time to read the instructions once... in love!”  STEVE PALMER


    “SVENTASTIC! Performed Game Night this weekend Strolling at a Dave & Busters (Buyout) for a company named Apple. Also, entertained at (3) First Birthday Baby Luaus with 150 to 500 guests. Hawaii people love to party! Game Night is a perfect size for Strolling, SvenPad® Quality, looks like something from Walmart, Instant Repeatable and "Blows People Away! I started using it as a stand-alone piece but later experimented performing it as my written prediction, confabulation style, Closing Effect. It's still a work in progress but I did receive some "Standing Ovations!"  ALAN ARITA


    “I received a copy of GAME NIGHT and IT IS EXCELLENT! First, the quality of the book is outstanding; everything from the artwork, layout, hidden gems, and of course the precision cut short pages. There are many presentations and methods, but without a doubt my favorite is the use of the Flashback principle. Being that my last 4 books use an adaption of the Flashback, I’m embarrassed and inspired that I couldn’t find the method. It’s one of the most clever ideas I have ever seen! The size of the book is perfect and can fit in your back pocket. I definitely recommend this – just love it.”  JOSH ZANDMAN


    I have to say that I never have seen anything like this innocent little gem before! Here is an entire act I can carry around in my inner pocket, and something I will be proud to use. The quality is undoubtedly top notch and something that will last for a long time. I have no hesitation in recommending Game Night to anyone, whether amateurs or professional entertainers. Run to buy while still available!  SVEN RYGH


    “When I first saw the post for the (then soon to be released) Game Night, I hadn't seen a trailer, a review, not even any kind of demonstration of the actual effect. I just knew it was a new SvenPad® product, and there was some sort of perceived excitement attached to it. That was good enough for me. Every SvenPad® product I've purchased thus far had been killer and I had no reason to doubt otherwise. So I purchased Game Night, the first day it was released, sight unseen. I was not surprised but excited to learn my intuition was bang on with my decision to purchase! So many possibilities...well done, Brett Barry and John Morton - just brilliant!”  BUZZ COLLINS


    “Spent a few days studying all the different ways this can be performed! This is one great product! Well made. I Can’t wait to take this out. The methods in this book test will blow you away.”  JUSTIN LEWIS


    “You guys are going to have a lot of fun with it. There is a great multiphase routine you can do with it and you can do it for laughs or play it straight. Either way there's a lot of entertainment value in this product.”  GREG ARCE


    “Can't wait to perform with Game Night. So clever and such a fun theme. Thank you, Brett and John!”  JEN KRAMER


    “Been playing around with the new SvenPad® Game Night. It is INCREDIBLE! Kudos to John and Brett! If you do corporate events or even team building style seminars and workshops, an idea I had was start with a charades version of an ice breaker (no magic just a group activity). Great way to get people moving, connecting, take the edge off and change their state. Then you can finish the activity with mind reading or when you go to perform Game Night it fits perfectly!”  LUKE BRADY


    “Overall, Game Night is a worthy new addition to the pantheon of well-done book tests. Created by John Morton and Brett Barry, it incorporates elements from various classic predecessors and also adds some clever new ideas.  The book's theme (charades) lends itself to fun presentations and lots of interaction. The methods are e-z to do. The book fits in a pocket.  Having varied ways to get the information helps cancel out spectators' pesky theories about "how it works," increasing the bafflement factor.  The memory work is simple, and it's also backed up by secret cribs on the back cover. You could leave the book face-down on the table and use the cribs without suspicion. All in all, this is a fine and fooling book test with a novel theme!”  JERRY DUNN

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