The TC Reveal Face Mask
The TC Reveal Face Mask
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The TC Reveal Face Mask The TC Reveal Face Mask The TC Reveal Face Mask The TC Reveal Face Mask

The TC Reveal Face Mask

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Cruise through your next virtual performance!

The TC face mask is destined to be your favorite REVEAL option: ideally suited for your next ZOOM, WEBX corporate or virtual shows. The TC mask will make your next performance mission feel IMPOSSIBLE! 

THE TC MASK WAS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO BE PAIRED WITH THE CELEBRITY PRESAGE BOOK TEST (sold separately). If you already own Celebrity Presage, you are ready to roll.

Mystery performers have all moved to ONLINE shows or limited social distancing live entertainment. Why not use a genuine FACE MASK for your next big reveal? Your audience won't see Tom coming!

The TC face mask can be warn inside-out initially, and then dramatically turned around for an AMAZING REVEAL that never leaves their sight. The image they see will be instantly recognizable and crystal clear.

Perfect for virtually any performance. We have priced these inexpensively, so why not get two?

Our reusable cloth face mask is manufactured using a three dimensional cut, with a lightweight stretchy black fabric (one size) + snug fit elastic ear loops that contour to most typical face sizes.

The TC mask was specifically made to be paired with our 2019 Magic Cafe "Trick Of The Year" CELEBRITY PRESAGE book test, or it could be used with any of our blank SvenPads for a stunning surprise reveal.

We made a limited number of these TC face masks which we custom made for our customers. This would be a perfect closer or kicker ending that will be long remembered.

Who else is doing this right now? It should be you.

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