Black Hole: The Ultimate Preshow Kit
Black Hole: The Ultimate Preshow Kit
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Black Hole: The Ultimate Preshow Kit

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Finally available after more than 15 years of road testing, this is Brett Barry's favorite underground pre-show method - honed after hundreds of shows.

The BLACK HOLE kit includes EVERYTHING you need to secretly get intel from your spectators in the most hands-off manner. They will never talk about what they wrote during the show - they will only recall it as a fresh thought.

The performer NEVER touches the ordinary paper they write on. The information is crystal clear and Brett goes into detail on how to nearly always get incredible results. Brett does not recommend using this method for real time peeks, but rather for pre-show. The items within this kit were assembled from the UK, France and USA. It includes a detailed 13 page PDF along with two teaching videos.

YES this is based on a method which some might already familiar with (released in 2007 by Ali Nouira and then by Paul Harris in 2018). However many people tossed it in the magic drawer because the props/teaching & methods were (in Brett's opinion) unreliable and implemented poorly. Brett has been using this underground method since 2008 - and understands all the little nuances which he explains in detail. Brett taught this method in 2015 to Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride and Larry Hass in Las Vegas - and they were all so jazzed by it that we all took a field trip to the local Staples store.

Brett's method/the correct materials (custom cut by his paper manufacturer) and scripting plus explanations of how the working environment can and will affect the gimmick - make a huge difference. The spectator writes BLACK ON BLACK - burying the method further. It also includes links so you can obtain more of any of the kit gimmicks and have enough for a lifetime.

Up until now, this package was ONLY recently made available in-person at Brett's 2023 lectures in Norway and at Magic Live 2023.

  • Kit comes with 40/40 gimmicks - enough for 40 performances 
  • Also includes 2 notepads, large & small pens, and repositionable glue
  • PDF includes links for specific refill materials on Amazon and EBay in the UK and USA 
  • Purchasers may have any local printer easily cut the refill paper to the size needed. 

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